"This [traffic accidents] is the leading cause of death for children.
This is the leading cause of death for teenagers.
This is the leading cause of death for young adults.
And we, as a society, have to create safe passage for them."

Ricardo Martinez, M.D., Director, National Highway Traffic Safety Agency.

The Ethan Foundation is dedicated to promoting increased awareness of traffic safety, good parenting practices and educational objectives.

A Colorado 501(C)3 tax-exempt organization, The Ethan Foundation was formed in 1996 after the death of twenty-one-year-old Ethan Wolf. Ethan was killed in a violent collision with a speeding motorist.

The Foundation seeks to respond to and help reduce the high number of traffic crashes in the United States--the Number One cause of death in people ages 5 through 34. In addition to those who lose their lives on the roads each year, many thousands are seriously disabled due to car wrecks.

The World Health Organization has determined that road deaths will be the greatest public health crisis the world will face within the coming decades. The economic cost to society of each accident in the United States is figured to average $800,000 us dollars. Furthermore, serious injuries and fatalities are emotionally devastating to families and friends who become another tier of victims.

Consider this:

~ Every 34 minutes someone is murdered; every 13 minutes someone dies in a highway cash.

~ Every 35 seconds there is an aggravated assault; every 15 seconds there is a highway injury.

~ America lost 620,000 citizens during all wars since 1775; more than 3 million were lost on the nation's highways during the last century.

~ In 1998 fewer than 700 people died in airplane crashes; more than 41,000 died in highway crashes.

~ In 1985, deaths from heart disease and tumors were responsible, respectively, for 11.8 and 15.6 life-years lost per death; motor vehicle crashes in the same year were responsible for 37.3 life-years lost per death.

*Taken from the report "Strategic Highway Research: Saving Lives, Reducing Congestion, Improving Quality of Life" by the Transportation Research Board of the National Research Council. See www.nationalacademies.org

A current project of The Ethan Foundation is the publication and promotion of The Ethan Chronicles by Marsha Willis, available from this website.

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